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Our website

Dirección de Comunicación

As part of the projects the communication direction manages is the team's website.

1. Short story of the site



Was a page based in interactive frames. This website had a special index page in which you selected the language.

This website was translated manually from Spanish to English, that meant having a different frame for each content part.

Webmaster: Jorge Olarte



This website used Flash and Wordpress. Was built with the help of the school's programmer.

Used Wordpress to manage the content..

Webmaster: Santiago Betancourt


image 2009

The 2009 website was built using the Joomla! Content Management system.

The curious fact about this website is that it didn't requiere any programming, because Joomla! gave the content sheets and frames already built.

Webmaster: Francisco Franco


image 2010

The 2010 website was coded in HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver. Used frames to show the menus. It also used a background which floated behind the site.

The main problem of this background is that was designed to large screen sizes. So when it runed in low screen sizes it seemed to be misaligned.

Webmaster: Oscar Fonseca


image 2010

The 2010 website was coded in HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver. Used the Dreamweaver's template system to modify the template of the website easily.

The thing about this website is that the team wanted an elegant design. Tjis gave the team an elegant team image.

Webmaster: Oscar Fonseca


image 2010

The 2012 Panteras website works with Joomla!. The team used this system to help organize better the website content. And also it has the advantage that any authorized team member can correct mistakes and write news.

It took elements from the previous design to make the actual website design..

Webmaster: Oscar Fonseca


We want to thank our past web designers and coders for the work they have done, not only for the team, but also for all the FIRST community. We hope the next websites are better than the past ones and, with the help of our readers feedback, we can be the best website FIRST has ever had."


Oscar Fonseca
CCO, Panteras

2. The today's site


NetThe 2012 Panteras team website is intended to be the meeting place for the hispanic american teams. It concentrates a huge amount of materials from the organization, its teams and extras; in English as well as their translations in Spanish (translated by members from the communication direction).Besides of giving an ideas of the team and of FIRST, the site has a great importance internationally, both because of its content and its media.

How it works?

EngraneThe 2012 Panteras site uses Joomla!, the open source content manager installed by the hosting company. Using a users system,each team member has the ability to modify the information he wants, with the authorization from the communication direction, to keep the site as fresh and updated as possible.


ScriptThe site has more than 50,000 links with different contents,from informative to media, from which the users can navigate as well as the search engines. Using the Joomla! technology Panteras has built its site in English and Spanish, to help undertand the site for the non-English speakers. Adds to this features the documents download section, and photo albums. To help the server and the navigators, Panteras included a special plug-in which accelerates the website and its download speed.

3. Future plans

WebPanteras doesn't only thinks in the present, it looks forward and hopes that in a near future, all the teams from hispanic america use this site to find relevant information and documents, to be updated and ready for anyone who needs it. We are working to get it and, for now, we thank your opinions and help.