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What is FIRST?

2013-2014 Block Party!

FTC Block Party logo


A team consists on two driver operators, a coach and a robot. The robot must be built on materials specified in the game manual and fit within an 18” sizing cube, but after the match begins, the robot can go to any size. Each match is played with four randomly selected teams, two per alliance. Your alliance partner for one match might be your opponent or another.


The game is played on a 12’ square playing field with a foam tile floor and one-foot high walls.  The scoring element is the 2 inch-squared yellow block. There are 100 block in the game, which are randomly placed in the front and rear block zones.

In the center of the field are the bridge, pull-up bar and two pendulums, each with four pendulum goals. Below the pendulums are the floor scoring areas. Each alliance has a raisable flag in the corner of the field. Tape stripes can help guide the robot separate and separate the two alliances. And the red and blue alliance stations are located just outside the playing field.

The four robots are placed on the field touching the walls in their respective alliance zones. Teams may preload one block into each robot. Two infrared beacons are placed randomly under the pendulum goals, one for each alliance.


Each match begins with a 30 second autonomous period, followed by a two minutes driver-controlled period which includes a 30 second end game. During the autonomous period, a block scored in the pendulum goal, is worth 2 points, 40 points if it’s above an infrared beacon. A block scored in a low goal count five points each. If a robot parks partially on the bridge, it counts 10 points. And if it’s fully on the bridge, it counts 20 points.

When the drives-controlled period begins, low goal blocks count one point each. Block scored in the inner pendulum goals, count two points, or 3 points for the outer goal. During the end game, robots may continue to score blocks. And if your pendulum is balanced at the end of the match, you get a 50% bonus added to your block score. If you can raise your alliance flag, it counts 20 points in the low position or 35 points in the high position. And finally, if your robot can hang above the bridge, it’s worth 50 points.