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What is FIRST?

2011 Logomotion


Download the game manual in Spanish here.

Logomotion is played on a 27’ by 54’ field. Alliances of 3 teams each operate their Robots behind alliance walls on the end of the field.
4 Towers are located in the middle of the field in the corners of designated lines extending on each corner. Two 3 by 3 arrays of Scoring pics are located in front of each alliance wall.
Robots play Logomotion  with inflated tubes shaped elements of the FIRST logo the objective is to place the shapes on the scoring racks to create the logo.
Robots can use their cameras to follow lines on the floor or track the vision targets placed on each scoring rack. These allows that the scoring location can be tracked from almost anywhere in the field.
Before the match each robot is placed behind the towers on their side of the field, each robot begins the match with a yellow Uber-Tube. The match starts with a 15 seconds autonomous period during which robots try to place the Uber-Tubes on the scoring rack  each Uber-tube placed during this period earns bonus points.
At the end of the Autonomous period human drivers step forward to take the controls, during the tele-operated humans control their robots and attempt to place the game pieces on the scoring rack, game pieces can be placed anywhere  but are worth more if they create a logo.
Human Players at the corner of the field put game pieces in the play. Robots can only posses one game piece at the time so it most drive the length of the field to score each new game piece. Robots may fight to make into their alliance as they attempt to score; opponents are not allowed to enter this zone and can not interfere when robots are placing game pieces.
Each piece placed on the scoring rack is worth one two or three points, this value is doubled if the game piece covers an Uber-Tube, each completed logo earns a 2x bonus for that row game pieces.
During the end of the Match robots drive to the towes and deploy minibots on the tower poles, as the end game starts minibots race to the top of the towers. The first Minbot to the top earns a 30 points bonus, second place earns 20, third place earns 15 and fourth place earns 10.