Mexico City, Mexico
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2012 FRC Chilaquil



Chilaquil is the robot designed by Panteras for FRC 2012 challenge: Rebound Rumble. Its goal is to throw balls made ​​of sponge in 4 baskets located at three different levels, and balance on a ramp located in the middle of the field.

It is the first Panteras robot to be machined from the CAD (computer 3D Design). The entire chassis was designed, printed and machined in aluminum inside the team's workshop.

It features a design that allows the team to pass without stop through the middle of the field without turning upside down, it uses his low center of gravity at all times to maintain balance throughout the game.

With the help of a camera and green LED lights, the programming team coded a program that automatically detects baskets (frame with reflective tape) and aligns the robot to score.