Mexico City, Mexico
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About Us


PaquitoJoin Paquito! Paquito is our mascot, he wants to show you the great experience that FIRST is and wants you to be part of the marvelous world of the science and technology.

Paquito is always looking to reach the technology and the advances that the world needs. And he always gets it by encouraging the children to become interested in science and technology, and also becoming engineers.



QuotesThe Metal Pinocchio.

Not trying to be a child, because he already was, and not because of conviction, does not yearn to feel the wind at half-face, sun on his skin, even wants to be looked at under a role of a real boy.

Paquito has transformed the people around him with his large inquisitive eyes and the hello that Henry never could do well, has been integrated into the world under the pretext of being the pet robot of the team, however ... What is his ideal?

His ideal is, perhaps, to get smiles, so he resorts to any child who wants a touch, and if you expect other strokes using her talent of Don Juan and any girl who gets in his path. At the end of the day, who is handsome, is handsome.

He might think about having fun with other robots helping them and fixing anything that makes him happy with that particular "hello" between his metal arms..

Now he is the mascot of the team and with grace does nothing boy happiness, perhaps in another life was a Mariachi, perhaps because now is more a child than metal.

David Resillas Olguin