Mexico City, Mexico
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About Us


Robocoatl2010, a key year for our team’s history: We learn to use the mecanum wheels and the gyroscope in FRC. It’s a team conformed by rookie and veteran members, half and half. Is when a total integration between the team areas will be possible.

In this year we had plenty of events, we made a visit to General Motors, another for Google México and another one to the government palace of the Mexican state; we also had local presentations of the robot in the institutions that sponsor us.

In FTC, we won the Inspire Award and the Winning Alliance award, one of the Centro Escolar Cedros and the other of the Universidad Panamericana High School. And in FRC, we won again the Engineering Inspiration award in Dallas, TX; so we passed to the Atlanta's World Championship, where we won the Team Spirit Award. We also passed to the VEX world championship with an excellence award in Mexico city.