Mexico City, Mexico
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About Us


RR4In 2011, the team lets know FIRST to the country. With the creation of several new teams all over the national territory, the presentation of the project to the president Felipe Calderón in his official residency of Los Pinos for second time, and a lot of other events.

This year, the Federal District Government, through the Instituto de la Juventud del D.F., recognize the effort and merit of Panteras with an Honor Mention in the Award of the Youth in the category of "Civic, environmental and social labor merit".

Is in 2011 when the team wins the first Chairman's Award of Mexico at the Dallas, TX regional. In FTC, Panteras wins the Finalist Alliance Award with team Panteras FTC 3141. In VEX, the Panteras team wins in Mexico City tournament and they go to the VEX World Championship in Walt Disney World, Florida.