Mexico City, Mexico
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About Us


This year, the whole project says hello to the world. This was the year that it all started, this is the year that we discovered a new world and we were brave enough to introduce it into a country we knew would not give us an easy road. We were decided to introduce FIRST to Mexico.

We started with FLL. This year we had only one team, one kit and we knew nothing. Yet, we fell in love with it and thats why this is our 8th year of enjoying robotics in all of the four categories.



All of the good ideas are worth spreading. This year we decided to open our first FVC team, 801. We were the pioneers for Mexico. This team was created because of the spirit and ideas of the students. We wanted more, more complex challenges, new ways of developing our ideas. That's why we encouraged our school to give the resources to open this team, a whole new experience for us.


GuacamoleIn 2007 Panteras got the Inspire Award in Mexico’s FVC regional and the pass to Atlanta’s World Championship where the team won the 6th place. This year we also created the first FRC team with "Guacamole". The team participated in Detroit’s regional and won the Rookie All Star Award and the pass to Atlanta’s World Championship, where we also won the rookie all star award, thanks to the work and the enthusiasm of the team.



AquilesIn 2008 PANTERAS FTC “Aquiles” a robot with very especial characteristics and a very original design, and in FRC OTNI was created, a robot with a peculiar design. OTNI participated in San Jose, CA. regional, where the team gained experience and enthusiasm to do better the new 2009 season. PANTERAS FTC, with inspiration, hard work and team spirit, won Mexico’s regional in which the team also participate on it’s organization, then with the pass to Atlanta’s World Championship the team won the Inspire Award, the greatest Award, given to the team that showed the best organization, teamwork, enthusiasm, best robot development, engineering notebook and also won with the help of “Paquito”. Now the team meets again with a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas to achieve the best.



CamoteIn 2009, CAMOTE won the Engineering Inspiration Award in Dallas, TX. This robot had a particular design who could take and shoot "lunar balls" of the LUNACY challenge; with this achievement, Pantera's passed to the Atlanta's World Championship again. In the FTC category, the Connect award was won in the regional of Monterrey in Mexico.


Robocoatl2010, a key year for our team’s history: We learn to use the mecanum wheels and the gyroscope in FRC. It’s a team conformed by rookie and veteran members, half and half. Is when a total integration between the team areas will be possible.

In this year we had plenty of events, we made a visit to General Motors, another for Google México and another one to the government palace of the Mexican state; we also had local presentations of the robot in the institutions that sponsor us.

In FTC, we won the Inspire Award and the Winning Alliance award, one of the Centro Escolar Cedros and the other of the Universidad Panamericana High School. And in FRC, we won again the Engineering Inspiration award in Dallas, TX; so we passed to the Atlanta's World Championship, where we won the Team Spirit Award. We also passed to the VEX world championship with an excellence award in Mexico city.


RR4In 2011, the team lets know FIRST to the country. With the creation of several new teams all over the national territory, the presentation of the project to the president Felipe Calderón in his official residency of Los Pinos for second time, and a lot of other events.

This year, the Federal District Government, through the Instituto de la Juventud del D.F., recognize the effort and merit of Panteras with an Honor Mention in the Award of the Youth in the category of "Civic, environmental and social labor merit".

Is in 2011 when the team wins the first Chairman's Award of Mexico at the Dallas, TX regional. In FTC, Panteras wins the Finalist Alliance Award with team Panteras FTC 3141. In VEX, the Panteras team wins in Mexico City tournament and they go to the VEX World Championship in Walt Disney World, Florida.


ChilaquilThis year, Panteras does the robot Chilaquil. It’s the first robot to be completely machined by the team in the workshop.

In VEX, the team 801A achieves the Excellence Award and the Winning Alliance Award (with team 801B) in Querétaro. They assist to the VEX World Championship in Anaheim, California.

Panteras VEX and FRC teams are recorded and broadcasted in Disney Channel’s Zapping Zone Latinoamérica.